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Tax720.com is an online tax filing software product from ThinkTrade Inc, enabling excise tax filers to file their tax returns electronically. This product also allows for traditional paper filing.

Technology, if presented effectively, makes efforts easier for the system and the individual. Making things easier means one has more time to focus on other important or core works. In an effort to make the tax filing effective and easy, we’ve made use of the latest technology and created the Tax720 product.

The objective of the service is to simplify the filing process by automating it. Our vision was to reduce the complexity of Form 720 filing and to use the power of computers via the Internet, combined with current technologies expertise for implementing security.

We now offer a secure and easy way to e-file your Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return. Using our web-based tax software, it’s easy to do your taxes and e-file. We hope you’ll choose to e-file your tax return with us. Why? Because this service helps filers receive refunds sooner and with the tax details going directly to IRS computers, there is no chance for human errors or document scanning errors.

Join us on a journey that will change the way you think about your taxes. Help is available when needed.

Let this tax season be an easy and pleasant experience. Tax720 Your new tax partner from Thinktrade.

”Let us file your taxes on time, every time!”
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We make your tax filing effort easy.